Hello! Just thought I'd give you an update on our next album. I'm a nice guy like that :-) Songwriting So we've written more than enough songs for album number 3 already. I wrote over 30 in total!! After choosing which...[more]

Wychwood Festival | 02.06.2015

Well, what a lovely day we had! We played this amazing festival 5 years ago - our debut year - in a tent. This year we returned on the main stage. We had an absolute blast, the crowd were amazing. Played some new tunes and...[more]

Due to catching my two middle fingers in one of my Mum's garden chairs I am sadly of no use this evening in band practise.  So, I have decided to sit in the corner and make myself useful by writing a short blog about...[more]

Meze Magic | 13.02.2015

Wow, that was insane! We played in Newport, South Wales last night and it was phenomenal. Boxes Acoustic and The Appletree Theory were our support acts and got the crowd buzzing before we came on. By the time we hit the...[more]

The year ahead | 29.01.2015

Hello you lot! We've got lots of highly exciting news on the horizon that we can't actually tell you about yet (we'll be sharing as soon as we can!), but in the mean time, let's look at what we've got coming up... UK...[more]

I am currently sat in our practise shed.  Liam has just played me ‘My lovely horse’ (from Father Ted) which sadly won’t be on our next album.  Tonight is song writing night and I just arrived ten minutes ago to hear...[more]

I'm sat in the van on a rainy (proper rainy) Monday night heading home from a radio session we've just done so figured I'd write a wee blog recapping the weekend gone by. We don't tend to play our home town of Caldicot very...[more]

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