YMCA and and 8,000 people

I'm sat in the van on a rainy (proper rainy) Monday night heading home from a radio session we've just done so figured I'd write a wee blog recapping the weekend gone by.

We don't tend to play our home town of Caldicot very often really but this weekend saw us play twice!

Friday started with us heading to our practise room to load the van with all of our gear. Turns out we have a LOT of gear these days. Took three of us well over an hour to pack down and transfer our gear into the van. Baz and Liam had been shopping for Halloween decorations to make the venue look pretty but when we arrived, the lovely staff at the Severn View Club had already covered the place with an amazing array of decorations that kinda put our attempts to shame.

Once the doors opened at 8 I couldn't get over the effort people had put into their costumes. A good 95% of people were dressed up. My favourite costume had to be the "Vincent Tan (Cardiff City chairman) one. Sam and Tilly (with full band) kicked the night off in style. Love them guys. Next up was the wonderful Rogora Khart. We spent pretty much all of their gig putting on face/body paint and our costumes so only got to see their gig from back stage. They are brilliant mind! We dressed up as Zombie Village People (as you do) so we kicked our set off with a cheeky rendition of YMCA. It worries me that we all loved that cover. It's such a bad song! The crowd were brilliant throughout the whole set. I've never seen 250 ghosts/zombies/witches/warewolves and a Vincent Tan bounce like nutters to "The Bones" before. But I LOVED it! The night kinda carried on from there into the small hours. Top night.

Saturday was a struggle. My body just wasn't up for Saturday what so ever.

Sunday came and we were booked up to play Caldicot fireworks night. My hangover was still lingering but down to a mere 15% roughness. We recently had some lovely flight cases with wheels on to roll out amps about but the mud on the field meant we had to carry them (it's a hard life mind)! There was a gross looking black cloud sat there waiting behind the trees after our sound check. I coulda sworn it was waiting for us to play so it could unleash itself. Lovely are fella called Henry Jones opened up with some acoustic tunes and that's when the cloud decided to open up :-(. Good news for us was that was the rain finished with. We played our first set and then watched the 30 minutes of bang tidy firework. Kudos to Dan and the team as they did Caldicot proud. We then played another set after the fireworks and manage to still hold a good sized crowd which was nice. Been told there were around 8,000 people out for the fireworks. That's pretty cheeky mind!

Anyway, huge thanks to anyone and everyone who made the weekend as good as it was and I'll never touch a cider again (til' next weekend at least).
Video diary for the gigs coming soon.

Lots of love


Posted By: Scott