Here Comes the Tour

I am currently sat in our practise shed.  Liam has just played me ‘My lovely horse’ (from Father Ted) which sadly won’t be on our next album.  Tonight is song writing night and I just arrived ten minutes ago to hear Liam, Baz and Ryan sing me a cracking new song called "Listen, Boy!" where Ryan takes the lead on a bit of singing (GO ON MY SON!).                 

Anyway, I’m going to update you with the happenings in the Shackle camp since the turn of the year.      

In the last few months we have moved our practises from my lovely Mother’s Dining Room to a local chicken shed (it’s much nicer than it sounds) and it has resulted in us ‘belting’ lots of new songs out.  We currently have four new songs that are all arranged as a full band; ‘When the Morning Comes’, ‘Lucinda Returned’, ‘Down to the Valley’ and ‘Last Stop on the Line’.  These tunes will most certainly be making lots of appearances in sets during our UK tour next month, so keep your ears open.

Last weekend we spent a couple of days in Monnow Valley Studios where we recorded one of our new songs ‘When the Morning Comes’ and an old reggae song  by Ken Boothe  called ‘Artibella’.  These tracks will hopefully be available for you lovely people very soon. 

Anyway, it was great to get back into the studio again.  The Highlights of the two day session for me was; waking up Sunday morning to find an empty chair outside my room with a Stephen King book sat on it (bloody ghosts) and doing a gang vocal recording of the word “COMES” without losing it (we’ve grown up a lot lately). 

***The time I’ve taken to write those last two paragraphs the boys have managed to arrange a lovely new song (if we say so ourselves) called ‘The Girl is the Sun’.  Watch this space…***

Looking to the near future, we will be starting our UK tour on Saturday at Acapella in Pentrych and moving on to London (The Islington) and Bristol (The Louisiana) the following weekend.  The rest of the month is taken up by shows in Newport, Doncaster, Oxford, Nottingham and Cardiff.  We would love to see you all at one of February’s gigs so if you haven’t already purchased a ticket get to our 'events' section and do the right thing ;-)   We are really looking forward to the tour and it’s not half as fun without a crowd (trust us, it’s happened). 

Posted By: James