The year ahead

Hello you lot!

We've got lots of highly exciting news on the horizon that we can't actually tell you about yet (we'll be sharing as soon as we can!), but in the mean time, let's look at what we've got coming up...

UK Tour

Throughout February (plus a bit of January and March) we're going to be playing a load of different places across the UK! You can have a look at this list (and buy your tickets) HERE. This is our first actual proper tour across the UK (despite playing hundreds of gigs!) so we're all very excited :-)

Songwriting and New Album

We're also writing songs for our next (highly anticipated - by us and our mums, at least) album. So far we've got six songs completely finished:

'Lucinda Returned', 'Down to the Valley', 'When the Morning Comes', 'Last Stop on the Line', 'A Lonely Lighthouse Life' and 'Listen, Boy!". Some of these we'll be playing on our UK tour, some we'll be playing drunkenly in a bar and some we'll be playing in our bedrooms.

On top of these 6, We have another 20 - yes, TWENTY - songs on the workbench that we are tuning up, checking the tracking, changing the oil and sorting out the punctures (some of those car analogies worked better than others then).

So rest assured, there's plenty of new tunes to hear at gigs and a new album on the way when they're done (vague, ay).


I have to tread carefully here so I don't spill any beans I shouldn't be spilling. Confirmed and announced to far are:

Music on the Marr, Wychwood and Belladrum Tartan Heart Festival. We have a whole bunch of other incredible festivals that we simply can't tell you about yet. But when we do… put it this way, it'll be a good day ;-)


On our travels around the world, you may have noticed that we love eating food nearly as much as we love playing music. So we'll try to keep you posted on our culinary adventures as I know you're all probably really, really interested in pictures of burgers and huge sandwiches.

You Lot

Lastly, we can't wait to meet all of you! One of our favorite parts of playing shows is meeting you lovely people for a chat (or a sweaty hug) afterwards. Obviously we don't look forward to it quite as much as the complimentary backstage catering, but it's a close second I'd say ;-)

See you soon,


Posted By: Liam