Meze Magic

Wow, that was insane! We played in Newport, South Wales last night and it was phenomenal. Boxes Acoustic and The Appletree Theory were our support acts and got the crowd buzzing before we came on.

By the time we hit the stage, the atmosphere was more electric than Brian May stood atop a monolithic crackling pylon, busting out a fretboard-shredder (turned all the way up to 11 of course).

We played some hits, a couple of new tunes and even got a few of the Appletree lads up for the encore (and a random lady playing the tambourine).

All in all, one of the best gigs in Newport I've ever played.

So thats four gigs from the tour done and so far, four HUGE successes (if we do say so ourselves).

Thanks all, see you in Doncaster ;-)

Liam x

Posted By: Liam